ICYMI (10 things u might have missed about me and my interests thru June)


JUNE 2014

1. ~Two weeks ago I published a short fiction called Dear Carolina, Carolina On My Mind, Carolina, I Fucking Love You, over at Electric Cereal. Louis Silva runs Electric Cereal, which is blog/magazine that posts content daily. Pretty much interested in Alt Lit. A lot of great writers I like have published some work there. I found out about Electric Cereal from this interesting convo on HTMLGIANT between Luis and Alexandra Naughton.

2. ~A week ago I published a flash called about a pissing contest called “Pissing Contest” over at Potluck Mag. That means, yes, two stories with swears in the title  published by me in June–GOAL ACHIEVED. Potluck has a really beautiful site. Very simple, clean, centered on content. They publish work Mon-Fri as well, including Poetry, Fiction, and Visual Art. I LOVE THEIR LOGO // WOULD MAKE A GOOD TAT


3. I’ve been eating Bahn Mi Sandwiches a lot. DAIKON RADISH RULES.

4. I got 10 Publishing Genius books in the mail. Adam Robinson (who we’re visual-interviewing for the Triangle this summer!) recently moved to Atlanta, and he went crazy selling books for cheap before he left. Many of which have been incredible…

5. (related to above) Gabe Durham’s FUN CAMP has changed my life. I read it in two days and couldn’t stop either reading it or thinking about it. The book is filled with flash and micro stories, as well as artifacts (epistolaries, found-items, complaints, compliments) from a fictional summer camp with a philosophy that FUN trumps all. It’s hilarious and so true/sad in places. It reminds me of some really complicated feelings I felt when I was at summer camp, as well as complicated feelings I’ve felt every time I’ve ever felt like I was growing up. But again, THIS BOOK IS HILARIOUS. Buy it as a gift for someone.

6. Mariead Byrne’s The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven. This book made me laugh out loud and every page surprised the shit out of me. It was a feeling I had reading poetry that I haven’t had since I first encountered Crunk Juice. Please to learn that Byrne has been doing this type of found, conceptual, and tweet-like poetry since before Roggenbuck was even writing. Which means nothing except I’m always behind, and I’m always learning. And I’m always being surprised. Which is a fun way to live.

7. I interviewed Lancaster author/professor, Nick Montemarano, whose novel The Book of Why, was published by Little, Brown last year . We had coffee (and I ate a blueberry scone) at Chestnut Hill and talked about death & fiction. I’m really proud of the article that came from that conversation.

8. I’m moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! into a house with 5 other writers/bffs (I moved in Sunday)

9. I have “discovered” David Sedaris. Reading “Barrel Fever” now. I’m excited by how he wrote this collection of stories in ’94 and it seems racy and taboo for even today. Again, laughing my ass off while reading these stories, many which deal with anal sex.

10. I watched The Wolf On Wall Street finally. I watched American Hustle finally. Both made me rethink wanting to be a writer. Acting can be so beautiful.

That’s it!

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