hollow out something else

** (this is a found poem existing of text from the photo captions on the TSA’s Instagram feed) **


This is explosive:

  • 16 of these firecrackers
  • this pepper spray gun
  • narcotics
  • all swords, daggers, knives and bayonets
  • samurai swords
  • octagonal shukos
  • knuckle knives
  • the lipstick knife
  • the gun knife
  • the push dagger
  • this speargun
  • corkscrew/bottleopeners
  • Ecigs and vaping devices
  • hundreds of canines
  • stationary objects and people
  • photo of a hatchet

when these items are found

in a hollowed out book


this is a credit card knife


you should check

under the insole of a shoe

unless they look like a grenade


Did you know that children under 12 can




bear repellent IS prohibited in the cabin


ninja books are permitted, throwing knives are not


that’s an indicator that the dog was

81 pounds of marijuanna


and as you probably guessed

smoke grenades emit copious amounts of smoke


all who were affected by

  • these comb daggers
  • this knuckle stun gun
  • this cannonball and antique flaregun

are permitted to go

read more


Everything you see

loves being rewarded with a squeaky ball

people, pets and mascots


as a reminder

This hollowed out book

looks like a real bomb

designed to look very convincing

working hard


you can read more!





thank you


to celebrate we’d like to present you with this bonus weekend photo of

  • this bejeweled lipstick taser
  • this smartphone case
  • this meat cleaver

and other perks

like an ordinary pen


#4th of july


Honey is seen here with

keen sensory capabilities

Honey is one of hundreds

known for being a gentle giant


The individual was

throwing stars


The individual

this book

seem to go hand in hand


the key to getting through

discovered in a hollowed out book


just one of the many layers


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