Where I’m From

by Jean Lewis (written in the Hamilton Arms Writing Workshop)

I am from Fairfield, a village full 
of special people, a general store full
of all the good things kids like to eat. 

I’m from Estella and Paul.

I’m from a house over my father’s garage,
the smell of gas and oil.
From a locust tree full of white flowers—
it looked like snow on the ground. 

From a church on the hill that called my name. 

Eddie got his toes cut off in a lawn mower, 
and I drove him illegally to my parents. 

Ruth, my best friend, 
still is.

Jean Lewis (b. 1933) was a homemaker and a lifelong member of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Formerly of Peach Bottom, PA, Jean died at Hamilton Arms Center in April of 2020 of COVID-19. Until this workshop began in October of 2019, Jean had never written creatively.