Interviews & Reviews

I’ve been interviewing authors and reviewing books since 2013. Here are some examples of my work. 

Single Interviews

Split Lip Magazine: “But That’s Not as Much Fun,” an interview with Ron A. Austin (March 2020)
Vol 1 Brooklyn: “The Equipment is Spare and Draconian” an interview with Andrew Weatherhead (Feb 2020)
The Rumpus: “The Brain Wants What it Wants,” an interview with Elisa Gabbert (July 2019)
Split Lip Magazine: “It Can’t All Be Life or Death,” an interview with Kathy Fish (Jan 2019)
Reality Beach: An Interview with the Poet Erin Dorney (November 2016)
JMWW: Citizen DIY: an Interview with Jim Warner (Fall 2016)
STORY Magazine: Writing is a Basic Moral Function: An interview with Steve Almond (Spring 2015)
The Triangle: An Interview with Maria James-Thiaw
The Triangle: Always Looking for that Hook: an interview with Carla Wilson
The Triangle: Surprise is Important: an interview with Aaron Belz
The Triangle: Alyse Bensel is Never Revealing Her Username

Interview Series

Learning How to Reading (2015 – present) — Interviews with writers who organize/host readings, focusing on the why and how of literary event programming. Guests include Kristen Arnett, Jim Ruland, and Penina Roth.  See all episodes here. 

Weekly Reader (KMSU 89.7) (2015 – 2018) — Author-interview radio show featuring acclaimed and emerging poets and prose writers, such as Hanif Abdurraquib, Scott McLanahan, Kaveh Akbar, and Amelia Grey. See all episodes here.

Show Your Work (2017) — This podcast is something I conceptualized, produced, edited, and published myself. Show Your Work is a short literary podcast featuring authors of very short prose. In their own words, authors explain the myriad choices they made to create a single beautiful piece of writing. At the end, they read the piece in full.


Heavy Feather Review: A review of Homesick For Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh (April 2017)
The Corresponder: A review of Prudence by David Truer (November 2016)
Heavy Feather Review: A review of Insignificana by Dolan Morgan (June 2016)
Submittable Blog: Camp Real Pants Was Really Real (May 2016)
The Corresponder: A review of There’s Something I Want You To Do by Charles Baxter (May 2016)
The Atticus Review: A review of Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher (Spring 2016)
The Spectacle: Notes on Some Planet by Jamie J. Mortara (Fall 2015)