Full list of publications

“to cancel” in Elevator Stories (January 2021)

“Masterclass Testimonials” in No Contact Magazine (Nov 2020)

“Wren in Grandpa Fritz’s Kitchen” / “Sorento”/ “Kindness” in HAD (Oct 2020)

“Sixteen Hike” in Hobart (August 2020)

“to team / to meme” in On the Seawall (July 2020)

“to home in MonkeyBicycle (June 2020)

“to patch / to atrophy / to flip” in McNeese Review Online (June 2020)

“Once Nothing, Twice Shatter” in The Iowa Review (forthcoming)

“Kanorado” in Cincinnati Review (forthcoming)

“Of a Whole Body” in Necessary Fiction (forthcoming)

“The Grand Am” in Paper Darts (forthcoming)

“Spit if You Call it Fear” in cream city review (July 2019)

“Cowboy Man, Major Player” in Many Loops (July 2019)

“Where the Rubies Live” in Philadelphia Stories (June 2019)

“The Skins” in CRAFT (June 2019)

“The Idler” in Pheobe (May 2019), winner of the 2019 Spring Fiction Contest

“Divebombing…” (reprint) in The Forge (May 2019)

“Gainer Over Hidden River” in Wigleaf (Mar 2019)

“Old Men” (CNF) in Counterclock Magazine (Mar 2019)

“Quiet Street” in On the Seawall (Feb 2019)

“Spiritual Introduction to the Neighborhood,” in Kenyon Review (Jan/Feb 2019)

“Breakthrough Mailboxes of Southern Minnesota,” in Subtropics (Jan 2019)

“Come Live With Me on This Shitty Island,” in Prime Number Magazine  (Jan 2019)

“Red Herrings,” in Meridian (Dec 2018) 

“The Species, Blindly,” in The Collagist (Issue 100, Dec 2018)

“Ms. Badislav’s Vomit,” in Outlook Springs (Issue 5, Nov 2018) 

“Resident Angel…” in Guest House Lit (September 2018) 

“Stay and Go,” in Gulf Coast (Issue 30.2, Summer 2018)

“Out of Nowhere,” in Yemassee (Issue 25.1, Summer 2018)

“Iowa Darter,” in Bat City Review (Issue 14, Spring 2018)

“Lake Erie,” in WOHE Lit (Issue 1, April 2018)

“Mannequins,” in Split Lip Print (Issue 1, Mar 2018)

“Glues,” in GiganticSequins (Issue 9.1, Feb 2018)

“Dear Liza, in What Shall We Carry the Stone,” in Hobart (Feb 2018) 

“The Orbit of Us,” in Arcturus/the Chicago Review of Books (Dec 2017)

Top 10 Rhymes of 2017” in Little Fiction (Dec 2017) *Non-fiction*

“Late Teens on Trash Night,” in Fanzine (Dec 2017) 

“The Yard at the End of the Block” in Hypertrophic Lit (Winter 2017) 

“Out, Out,” in Fantastic Floridas by Burrow Press (Oct 2017)

“The Grass isn’t Going to Grow Itself,” in Boink (Aug 2017)

“K,” published in Waxwing (Issue XII, Jun 2017)

“I am Pretending to be Something I am,” in Passages North (May 2017)

“Winter Break,” in No Tokens (Issue 6, Apr 2017)

 “DJ POEMS” in Split Lip (April 2017, FAM Issue)

“Backwards Advice,” in Little Fiction (Mar 2017)

“Norwood Young America Women’sBook Club” in Matchbook (February 2017)

“Boots on the Ground,” Midwestern Gothic (Winter 2017 Issue)

“Whatever’s the Worst,” in NANO Fiction (Issue 10.1. Dec 2016)

“Mother” in Anthropoid (Dec 2016)

“I Still Want a Copy of that Photo” The Airgonaut (August 2016)

“Chipped Tooth,” in Split Lip (June 2016) 

“Why I Skipped School to Visit My Brother inPrison” in Funhouse Magazine, online (June 2016)

“The Record We’re Writing,” in Mud Season Review (May 2016)

“You’ll Have to Forgive Me,” in MonkeyBicycle (May 2016)

“Poseidon,” in Hobart (May 2016) 

“Models” in Nailed Magazine (April 2016)

“Ten Things I Learned SinceCollege” Song of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millenial Stories (April 2016)

“Alternate Uses for My Father’sRecord Collection” in Witchcraft Magazine (Issue 2, April 2016)

“The One About a Guy Walking into a Bar” in Smokelong Quarterly (Issue 51, Mar 2016)

“Review of My Ex’s New Album” in Metatron (Mar 2016)

“Our Five New Winter Holidays” Hypertext Magazine Anthology (February 2016)

“Hiccups Forever” in Timber (Winter 2016)

“Seven Minutes in theGarage” in Hypertext Magazine (January 2016)

“Foreword (to a novel I may never get around to writing)” in Pioneertown Lit (Nov 2015)

“Incident #000-0001,” in Right Hand Pointing (Aug 2015)

“The Landlord,” in WhiskeyPaper (Aug 2015) 

“A Partial List of Voices I Stole” in Little Patuxent Review Blog (Aug 2015) *non-fiction*

“Looking for a Friend” Alien Mouth (Aug 2015)

“Mother May I Stand Stock Still” in Five Quarterly (Aug 2015)

“Divebombing…” in Knee Jerk (July 2015) 

“They Just Won’t Believe Juan Johnson is Dead” in People Holding (July 2015)

“Charlotte Buys A Police Scanner the Day Her Sister Runs Away with Dad’s Gun” in Matter Press (July 2015)

“Look Straight Ahead” in Queen Mob’s Teahouse (July 2015)

“Looking for a Friend” + “Just Once” in Alien Mouth (June 2015)

“What All We Have In Common” in Be About It Zine (June, 2015)

“Golden” in Rain Party Disaster Society (June, 2015)

 “Lease” in The Little Patuxent Review (June, 2015)

“Tethered” in Digging Through the Fat (May, 2015)

“Bringing The Order” in Drunken Monkeys (Feb, 2015)

“The Sounds People Make Change” in Bartelby-Snopes (Jan, 2015) 

 “Pre-employment Questionnaire” in tNY Press (Jan, 2015)

“Living Tableaus” in Wu-Wei Fashion Mag (Dec, 2014)

“The Photo,” in Wyvern Lit (Issue 3, Fall 2014) 

“Signs of the Apocalypse” in Cease, Cows (Sep, 2014)

“Lizard Blood” in Molotov Cocktail (Aug, 2014)

“Under The Iceberg” in Gritty Silk,co-written with Erin Dorney (July 2014)

“Pissing Contest” in Potluck Magazine (June, 2014)

“Dear Carolina, Carolina On My Mind” in Electric Cereal (June, 2014)

“Acrostic Spelling Me Out” in Voicemail Poems (Apr, 2014)

“Balloon Drop” in tNY Press co-written with Erin Dorney (Apr, 2014)

“Help” in tNY Press (Feb, 2014)

“I Saw Two Dancers Kiss Mid-Move” in East Jasmine Review (Oct, 2013)