Visual Art

Below are previews of my literary art installations, public art works, and photographs.

Temporary Pleas (2020, ongoing) – A public literary art installation about wonder, gentrification, and manners. The signs are designed to look like parking signs issued by the city (pictured). Installed throughout Lancaster, PA.

Temporary Pleas: COVID 19 (2020, ongoing) – As numbers of COVID cases, deaths, and hospitalizations skyrocketed in November of 2020, these protest signs were installed outside of restaurants that still continued to offer indoor seating.

POMEMES (2020, ongoing): Scraps of unfinished stories and poems designed with photographs I took. More on instagram: @tylerbartonlol

The Hidden Museum (2018) – On view at Susquehanna Museum of Art, Harrisburg, PA.

In June 2018, as part of the Susquehanna Museum of Art’s exhibition “Explore: Conceptual Art“, Erin Dorney and I explored the museum and identified dozens of pre-existing non-art objects⁠—air vents, windows, cracks in the tile, light switches—and then set out to write art labels for them. The goal was to use language to activate the objects. Words placed on the wall beside an object suddenly made it art. Or did it? The project was installed in July and is still on view today.

Everything—the title, the date, the materials, the artist name, and the description of the “art”—is fictionalized. This, however, does not stop visitors from reading the label, considering the air vent, and appreciating it as an intentional work of art.

More on The Hidden Museum: