Selected Publications

(Forthcoming) The Iowa Review: “Once Nothing, Twice Shatter”

(Forthcoming) Gulf Coast: “Stay and Go”

(Forthcoming) Bat City Review: “Iowa Darter”

(Forthcoming) Split Lip (Print Issue): “Mannequins”

(Forthcoming) Hobart: “Dear Liza, In What Shall We Carry the Stone?”

ARCTURUS (Chicago Review of Books): “The Orbit of Us” (Winner of the Fall 2017 Award for Fiction)

THE FANZINE: Late Teens on Trash-Night (December 2017)

GIGANTIC SEQUINS: Glues (Winter 2017)

HYPERTROPHIC LIT: The Yard at the End of the Block (Winter 2017)

BURROW PRESS: “Out, Out” (October 2017)

BOINK: “The Grass Isn’t Going to Grow Itself” (August 2017)

WAXWING: “K” (June 2017, Issue 12) (Nominated for a Best of the Net)

PASSAGES NORTH: “I Am Pretending to be Something I Am” (June 2017)

NO TOKENS : “Winter Break” (April 2017)

LITTLE FICTION: “Backwards Advice” (March 2017)

MATCHBOOK: “Norwood Young America Women’s Book Club” (February 2017)

MIDWESTERN GOTHIC (Winter 2017 Issue): “Boots on the Ground” (Runner-up for the 2016 Lake Prize)

NANO FICTION (Issue 10): “Whatever’s The Worst That Could Happen We Want” (January 2016)

ANTHROPOID: “Mother” (December 2016)

SPLIT LIP MAGAZINE: “Chipped Tooth” (July 2016)

MUD SEASON REVIEW: “The Record We’re Writing” (May 2016)

HOBART: “Poseidon” (May 2016)

MONKEYBICYCLE: “You’ll Have to Forgive Me” (May 2016)

NAILED MAGAZINE: “Models” (April 2016)

SONG OF MY SELFIE: An Anthology of Millenial Stories: “Ten Things I Learned Since College” (April 2016)

SMOKELONG QUARTERLY, Issue 51: “The One About a Guy Walking into a Bar” (March 2016)

TIMBER (Winter 2016 Issue): “Hiccups Forever”

HYPERTEXT MAGAZINE: “Seven Minutes in the Garage” (January 2016)

RIGHT HAND POINTING: “Incident Number 000-0001” (August 2015) *Nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize*

WHISKEY PAPER: “The Landlord” (August 2015)

KNEE JERK: “Divebombing is This Thing I Do With Camera One-Twelve on Forney Towers Where I Focus on the Wide Horizon of Trees and Electric Windmills and Then Begin a Slow Simulated Suicide by Zooming-in and Arcing the Angle Patiently Downward Until Rooftops, then Windows, Doors, Bushes, a Street, and a Sidewalk Pass Overhead, and Finally the 10x Digital Zoom Fuzzes Everything About a Slab of Concrete Forty Stories Down” (July, 2015) 

THE LITTLE PATUXENT REVIEW, Summer 2015: “Lease” (June, 2015)

tNY PRESS, finalist for Bureaucratic Lit contest: “Pre-employment Questionnaire” (January, 2015)