Selected Publications

(Forthcoming) The Iowa Review: “Once Nothing, Twice Shatter”

(Forthcoming) Gulf Coast: “Stay and Go”

(Forthcoming) Yemassee: “Out of Nowhere”

(Forthcoming) Wohe Lit: “Gene”

(Forthcoming) Guesthouse: “Resident Angel of the Assisted Living Writer’s Workshop”

BAT CITY REVIEW:  “Iowa Darter” (Issue 14, March 2018)

SPLIT LIP (Print Volume 1): “Mannequins” (February 2018)

HOBART: “Dear Liza, In What Shall We Carry the Stone?” (February 2018)

ARCTURUS (Chicago Review of Books): “The Orbit of Us” (Winner of the Fall 2017 Award for Fiction)
Here’s what Kathleen Rooney had to say about the story: Funny and sad, quirky and smart, “Now All I Want Is to Float” captures the strange weather of coming of age in a fractured and unconventional family. The author perceptively observes the story’s Portage, Indiana setting, and creates an opinionated, complex adolescent narrator, Sabrina, whose voice is a delight to listen to and learn from. A memorable meditation on memory and loss, illness and fear, it echoes with the sorrow and silence that we are left with when people leave us too soon, and the stories that we tell ourselves to master those absences.

THE FANZINE: Late Teens on Trash-Night (December 2017)

GIGANTIC SEQUINS: Glues (Winter 2017)

HYPERTROPHIC LIT: The Yard at the End of the Block (Winter 2017)

BURROW PRESS: “Out, Out” (October 2017)

BOINK: “The Grass Isn’t Going to Grow Itself” (August 2017)

WAXWING: “K” (June 2017, Issue 12) (Finalist for Best of the Net 2017)

PASSAGES NORTH: “I Am Pretending to be Something I Am” (June 2017)

NO TOKENS : “Winter Break” (April 2017)

LITTLE FICTION: “Backwards Advice” (March 2017)

MATCHBOOK: “Norwood Young America Women’s Book Club” (February 2017)

MIDWESTERN GOTHIC (Winter 2017 Issue): “Boots on the Ground” (Runner-up for the 2016 Lake Prize)

NANO FICTION (Issue 10): “Whatever’s The Worst That Could Happen We Want” (January 2016)

ANTHROPOID: “Mother” (December 2016)

SPLIT LIP MAGAZINE: “Chipped Tooth” (July 2016)

MUD SEASON REVIEW: “The Record We’re Writing” (May 2016)

HOBART: “Poseidon” (May 2016)

MONKEYBICYCLE: “You’ll Have to Forgive Me” (May 2016)

NAILED MAGAZINE: “Models” (April 2016)

SONG OF MY SELFIE: An Anthology of Millenial Stories: “Ten Things I Learned Since College” (April 2016)

SMOKELONG QUARTERLY, Issue 51: “The One About a Guy Walking into a Bar” (March 2016)

TIMBER (Winter 2016 Issue): “Hiccups Forever”

HYPERTEXT MAGAZINE: “Seven Minutes in the Garage” (January 2016)

RIGHT HAND POINTING: “Incident Number 000-0001” (August 2015) *Nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize*

WHISKEY PAPER: “The Landlord” (August 2015)

KNEE JERK: “Divebombing is This Thing I Do With Camera One-Twelve on Forney Towers Where I Focus on the Wide Horizon of Trees and Electric Windmills and Then Begin a Slow Simulated Suicide by Zooming-in and Arcing the Angle Patiently Downward Until Rooftops, then Windows, Doors, Bushes, a Street, and a Sidewalk Pass Overhead, and Finally the 10x Digital Zoom Fuzzes Everything About a Slab of Concrete Forty Stories Down” (July, 2015) 

THE LITTLE PATUXENT REVIEW, Summer 2015: “Lease” (June, 2015)

tNY PRESS, finalist for Bureaucratic Lit contest: “Pre-employment Questionnaire” (January, 2015)